The Five

Let me introduce you to our five boys – in all their handsome, crazy, fun, chaotic, talented, kind (most of the time), energetic glory…

This pic is one of my favorites ever of Eric and the Five… it’s a couple years old, but some things just don’t change, and I think this pic captures the overall dynamic of our boy-filled family so well!

Austin, on the bottom right, is 21, and his brain has already done the amount of thinking that most 50 year-olds have yet to accomplish. He enjoys anything that he believes can help him make money. And he’s done a great job working hard and inspiring the younger brothers that they too have ways to earn money and get ahead in life.

Landen, on the bottom left,  is 18, and he is incredibly gifted in music. Even as a toddler, he sang before he talked, and we knew what song it was – not because we could understand the words – but because the notes were spot on….. He sings, plays guitar, and nearly any other instrument he can get his hands on. He’s also a natural at athletics, and anything with wheels.

Kenley, middle right, is 16, and is even keel and steady, with diverse interests. He is becoming an EMT, and also loves biking with his team, dirt-biking, and Go-Pro, Digital SLR and drone photography, which he uses to make videos for YouTube.

Luke, middle left, is 14, and has a very strong talent for drums. He loves being a part of his school’s Jazz band, and is trying to become the first snare-drum-playing  freshman at his high school next fall. He also loves riding dirt bikes, and is very intrigued with race cars.

Channing, on the top, is 6, and is a people lover, and an excellent communicator. He has many friends, and loves to play outside, ride bikes, and try to keep up with his brothers. His voice and music talents are emerging as well.

They are all amazing gifts, and we are so thankful for them! It’s both scary and exhilarating watching them start trying their wings and moving along their individual paths – each so different, yet all together creating a brilliant and beautiful family tapestry.

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