Seven Steps to KonMari™ Certification

A few weeks ago, Marie Kondo certified her 100th consultant, representing 14 countries worldwide. What does that mean exactly? I’m taking the first couple of steps, and will share my understanding of the process.

Over the last two years, I experienced a bit of life-changing magic in my own home, which sparked so much joy that I knew I wanted to share it with others. In bits and pieces, I shared tips and ideas with friends who asked questions. Then, I discovered it was possible to receive a certification and officially spread the sparkle.

So I researched the process and discovered that there are 7 steps.

1. Read ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and ‘Spark Joy’ – such small books in size, but with the potential to change the trajectory of your life. If you’re even considering adding calm and serenity to your life – these books will help lead you through some important steps. Warning – if you are not ready to have positive changes in the bigger picture of your life – do not read! This process is about more than just stuff!

2. Tidy your own Home – I started this process as soon as I finished Marie’s first book. There was a snowball effect. I did an initial tidying, then more, as I became increasingly confident in what sparks joy for me, and what has to go, in order for our house to be a calm oasis. (Okay, so with five boys, the house may not always be a calm oasis, but……. you get my point.)

3.(-A) Apply for and Attend a Seminar – This was a teeny bit intimidating, two-step process. Here’s how it works. I filled out the application form, answered some general questions, paid the seminar fee. So my spot for New York was reserved but not confirmed.

3.(-B) Then I had to submit pics of my house in five different categories. Each pic is reviewed, and if deemed insufficient, more work must be done, and new pics submitted. If those pics are not sufficient, the seminar fee is refunded, and the opportunity to attend the seminar is given to someone else. Yikes! I was informed to allow up to a week for this process.  To my absolute delight, within 6 hours of submitting my photos,  all 9 were accepted, and I was presented with the official invitation to join Marie Kondo in New York! Yes, I literally shrieked and jumped for joy!

4. Join the Community – After attending the seminar, we will be asked to join a private Facebook group of consultants and consultants-in-training. There, we can share tips, experiences, and support each other’s journeys.

5. Submit tidying reports – We must complete 10 projects, a minimum of 3 hours each, with at least two separate clients, and submit all that information for review. Once accepted, the next step is the online exam.

6. Pass the online exam – I understand this to be a written exam to ensure that the person has a good grasp on the methods of KonMari, along with some business savviness, and client interaction skills.

7. Apply for certification – Once the exam is passed, there is an additional fee to be paid, then the official certification is received, as well as being listed on the KonMari website as a certified consultant! I can’t wait to get to this point, but will enjoy the journey, and share each step with you as I experience it!  (And yes, I love stair analogies, especially when I get to use one of my favorite stair pics – throwback to the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon. ) Stay tuned!


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