That trendy word that is thrown around to describe not only a particular author, but a way of organizing, a way of finding what sparks joy in your life, and ultimately, a life philosophy.

I tend to be hesitant to jump into something that breaks into the culture scene with such fanfare and fireworks. So I didn’t pick up Marie Kondo’s (KonMari’s) book, ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up’, until 2 years ago. I stood in the store perusing the book for a while, making sure it wasn’t just another organizing book.

Once satisfied that there really was something worthwhile, I purchased the book, and read it quickly. I started asking myself what sparks joy in my life, and as I worked through her process in my own house, became increasingly confident in what that meant. As ‘Sparking Joy’ became the criteria for the items I wanted to have in my life, so much of the unnecessary clutter fell away. My house became tidier, housework was easier, my brain-fog started clearing up, and decisions large and small came with much more clarity. I started wanting to steward the items that I had, even better, and became more conscious of the tendency we have as humans to over-buy, and end up wasting things.

I began committing to step out of that crazy dance. I wanted to do other things with my life – not spend the majority of my hours caring for items. I wanted to cook, to read, to travel, to adventure with my hubby and boys. To have coffee with friends, and to be able to invite unexpected guests in, without too much stress and fear, when they showed up at my front door. Marie Kondo is helping me find and live the way I truly want to live.

And I see that peace, clarity, and mental space as the physical foundation of a hygge atmosphere in our homes. That is why I am on a journey to become certified in the KonMari method,  help others create the life they actually want to live, and eliminate the frustration of stuff always screaming for attention and taking away their precious time. Join me?

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